Success stories

Bonnie Biafore

I have been working out at On The Move Fitness for more than a decade. Dave and Deb have supervised my training when I prepare for an aerial dance show, or ski, hike, cycle, and when I'm injured or when my arthritis bothers me. They always come up with new, interesting, and challenging exercises, which I love. When my body is acting up, they look for workarounds so I can keep moving. Just as important as the workouts, On the Move is like a family. I have made many friends at the studio. The On The Move family also donates to numerous charities every year. It's the best gym I've ever gone to.

John Stagg

About a year ago, I suffered a climbing accident and shattered my ankle. The road to recovery has been long, painful and at times discouraging. Throughout the ordeal, I could always count on Dave and Deb to provide encouragement to help me keep a positive attitude. But at the final follow up with the Orthopedist, I was told I probably wouldn't get much more flexibility in my ankle. And because of the significant pain (arthritis) and limited range of motion, I was probably looking at an ankle replacement a few years out. That news was like a punch to the gut.

But I was not going to give up and was determined to continue Physical Therapy with the idea of pushing out the ankle replacement as long as possible. I just wasn't sure what else I could do. That's when Dave stepped in with a suggestion. Dave tailored a program to strengthen and stretch the muscles and tendons in my leg with the goal of improving the range of motion. Now a month into the program, I have seen remarkable improvement. Range of motion has improved, pain is reduced and ankle replacement is off the table.

Dave saved my ankle.

Colin Richards

When I tore my ACL skiing, I wasn't sure whether I'd ever be back on the slopes again. After the injury, Dave and Deb worked intelligently with me to avoid further injury, and to strengthen my entire body pre-operation for 3 months. Pre-hab did the trick, and I actually had time to get in a trip to Key West to obtain my Advanced Open Water Certification and dive to 100 feet. My surgery involved a graft taken from my own hamstring, which was threaded through the bones around my knee. After the surgery, it was like hitting reverse full speed, and I was actually in worse shape than after the injury due to the hamstring graft. Once again, while deferring to the surgeon and physical therapist, Dave and Deb put together a careful yet rigorous training program to get me back up and literally running 3 months post-surgery. I'm proud to say I was back skiing the same terrain 6 months post-operation (powder, trees, ice, crud, you name it), and owe a hearty Thank You!!! to my great friends at On The Move Fitness.

Thanks Dave and Deb!

Mark Taylor

Deb and Dave helped identify, isolate and strengthen my problem areas which allowed my workout intensity to grow. After months of hard work I was able to take my first backpacking trip in years and while I am not tearin' it up like I am 20 years old, I am out there and gettin' after it and enjoying leaving some shoe leather in the woods again. Oh and I shed about 25lbs in the process so I felt both proud and confident walking my daughter down the aisle this summer as I had dropped several suit sizes! I have to say, like the On The Move slogan... I feel, look and move better!

Jim & Theresa Garin – The Power of Couples Working Out Together!

Have you ever considered working out with your spouse? In this article, two clients, Jim and Theresa Garin share their experience of working out together:

Theresa: "I've been working out with Dave and Deb for 4 years.. After a skiing injury, I wanted to become stronger but also wanted guidance so that I wouldn't hurt myself. That's where OTMF came into play. Their encouragement and positive attitude has kept me coming back. Since working with OTMF I have accomplished activities that I never would have dreamed of accomplishing: hiking the Grand Canyon from rim to rim, finishing the Tri For The Cure Triathlon, and the MS 40 mile bike ride with my husband Jim! Even through my neck injury and my 3 foot surgeries, I have continued to workout within my limitations but continued to gain strength and stamina. After 2 years, I talked my husband into working out with me. It was a tough sell; he thought he didn't have time. After working out a few times, he realized that not only was he gaining strength, his stress level was going down. Now we enjoy working out together, we motivate each other to keep going and look forward to spending our workout time together. OTMF has been an incredible motivation and with the personal attention, Jim and I are in better shape than we have been in a long time."

Jim: "As I stood there watching the sun set on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, I made a promise that I would come back someday and see the bottom. It took a few decades with work, children and life to return but this time I was challenged by my wife that we should have an adventure together. This started years of enjoyment in strength training and exercise. Theresa found a fitness center in Conifer with a unique approach: "work out to live, not live to work out". Dave and Deb encouraged Theresa to get me to train and one day, realizing that my wife was way more fit than I, I did. Since that day my wife and I have been training to do activities or recover from life's little bumps and bruises as a couple and we love it. The truth is, if I don't go I would not be able to keep up with my wife!

Living in the Conifer area I wanted a location that was convenient (so I wouldn't use that excuse). After reading about On The Move Fitness in The Mountain Connection, I decided to give a call and check it out. Deb provided a tour and explained the program to me. I was very impressed by Deb and Dave, their business model of a smaller gym format, the individualized program and support and, most of all, the accountability of getting into the gym. At On the Move Fitness, you are not anonymous!

I truly have found great enjoyment working out with Theresa because after all, the one person you can't hide your emotions from is your best friend and she will not let me quit nor will I let her. The biggest challenge in working out together is organizing our schedules. The easiest way to get around that is to say 'yes dear' and show up. When you are at the studio, all the stress seems to melt away as you ride, run, push, pull and laugh the day away.

That said, the best part is the activities. I did return to the Grand Canyon with my wife and friends and have seen not only the bottom but the sides and more than I would ever have hoped for. We have also started activities that we had given up on like water and snow skiing."

Sue Stagg

I've never been a person who liked to exercise. But over the years, like most sedentary Americans, I developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, was considered borderline diabetic and was overweight. During my annual physical, my doctor advised me to change my diet and start an exercise program. Since she knew I would have difficulty staying motivated, she referred me to On the Move Fitness.

In July 2007 I made an appointment with Debbie Brown. She was very nice, listened carefully to all my concerns and immediately put me at ease. She walked me through their various programs and equipment and set up a special program tailored to my needs. She also told me about their skiing program to get in shape for the skiing season.

I love to ski, but have always been an advanced intermediate skier, never able to break through that barrier. While I've always wanted to ski moguls, I never had the leg strength, stamina or confidence. I also couldn't make it through the whole day. I would usually end my ski day around 2 PM, thoroughly exhausted.

Both Dave and Deb are very encouraging and helpful. They've given me personal attention and encouragement and have taken me through the program. Since working with On the Move Fitness, I have increased my skiing ability to the point that I now consider myself an expert. I ski the bumps all day long and have more than enough energy to last the whole day (way past my former 2PM wall).

I am now off the blood pressure medication, my sugar level has dropped to normal levels and I'm losing and keeping the weight off. Most importantly, I feel so much better with more than enough energy to last the day. In fact my husband cannot get over how well I am skiing. He jokes about what happened to his wife, who is this new woman.

Thank you Dave and Debbie for improving my quality of life.

Celesta Ernst

Working out at On The Move Fitness has been the best thing I've done for myself since battling kidney and breast cancer four and five years ago respectively. I had lost all of my energy, strength, and stamina through chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. I didn't know if it would be possible to regain energy until I found OTMF with trainers Dave and Deb. What a difference this has made in my life! I've been training with them for 1 1/2 years and the improvement in the quality of my life is amazing. I have increased energy and endurance and feel the best I've felt in five years. Dave and Deb are simply the best.

Lisa Parks

I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life. It has gone up and down and mostly up. I was never sure how to change. Like most, I tried many different things. Some started to work but fizzled out, some sounded great with terrible results and others were just too hard or required too much time.

Time is not something I have to spare. I am a mom of four and have two, sometimes three, part time jobs. One of those jobs is being a lifeguard. Being a lifeguard made me realize that I was not in as good of shape as I wanted. I needed more physical endurance and strength. It was time to make a change.

I set some goals for myself and got started. At first I struggled. Gradually, I found some support systems that really helped my goals become reality. First, I found amazing support among the other guards. Then I enlisted the support of my friends and family. The final necessary piece came into place with On the Move Fitness. Being able to share my nutritional and weight loss goals with a knowledgeable professional has given me the confidence to expand my goals to more than I could have imagined. I am typically in the studio about 3 times per week for a combination of cardio and strength training. So far I have lost about 30 pounds and am halfway to my final goal.

It's still not easy to find the time to go and workout. I don't think it ever will be. But, I want to strongly encourage everyone reading this to find time to take care of your body. It is worth it. Find a friend to exercise with and share goals with. Find a support group online. Check out a fitness center, hire a personal trainer or visit your local recreation center. Although I still have a ways to go, I have already found new energy that I thought I had lost long ago. It is worth the time and effort to take care of yourself.

David F.

There are lots of places to work out these days. But if you're serious about getting into shape for whatever it is you enjoy doing in life, there's not a better place than On The Move Fitness. Dave and Deb provide a supportive yet challenging environment with the personalized attention required for both setting and achieving your personal fitness goals. I can't wait to hit the slopes!

Bud Sloniger

I had my first knee surgery in 1976, and was pretty much convinced that pain in my knees was just going to be a constant part of my life. Three additional knee surgeries over the next 28 years confirmed my fears. All of these procedures were performed by reputable surgeons associated with world-class facilities, including the Steadman-Hawkins clinic, arguably the "rock stars" of orthopedic surgeons. I followed my doctors' and my therapists' directions to the letter, and of course, I did get better. To a point! There was still pain.

Following my last ACL reconstruction in May 2005, I went through post-surgical physical therapy for 8 months afterward. Usually this is where the insurance coverage ends, but I wanted to keep moving under some structured supervision - without paying $200 per visit for it.

My wife had been going to On The Move Fitness for a month or so, and had assured me that their individualized training was just what my "creaky knees" needed. Losing weight and lowering my cholesterol couldn't hurt either.

Dave and Deb put me on a specialized training program to provide me with added strength and stamina for the activities I enjoy (mostly snow skiing) and at the same time strengthening my legs so that my knees were stronger, and thus less prone to injury. Their approach focuses on doing the correct exercises correctly; they do not preach the foolish "no pain-no-gain" mantra that had kept me away from any formalized training program for my entire adult life. Instead they teach you to listen to your body - if it hurts - say something! There may be a different exercise that can still strengthen joints that had been previously injured without aggravating it further.

After only about 3 months of personal training sessions, I was on a combination business/vacation trip to New York City, pounding the pavement of the "Big Apple" - with NO PAIN. Later that month, I was hiking Oh-Be-Joyful in Crested Butte, and again, NO PAIN.

Thanks to On The Move Fitness, for the first time in almost 30 years I no longer have pain in my knees after events like all-day city walking or all-day mountain hiking. Most importantly, I am no longer reaching for the naproxen/ibuprofen after days like that.

Gwen Altneu

As the owner of Altneu & Associates in Conifer, I was just finishing up a busy tax season when I realized that my clothes were not fitting correctly. I wasn't getting any exercise and it was depressing. This started carrying over into other aspects of my life. I had explored other gym options, but I didn't have the motivation. I needed it from somewhere else. I wandered into On The Move Fitness in September of 2008 and found exactly what I was looking for. With Deb's upbeat attitude, she gave me a motto 'If I could just get through the door, they would take care of the rest'. All I had was her word and it was true. My initial goal was just to lose weight - but then it became so much more. I wanted to ski better, hike better, be fit and look better in my clothes. Deb and Dave gave me eating tips, asked for food logs, pushed me to exertion. Sometimes I would lie in bed dreading going to the gym because I knew that they would push me hard, but I also knew they weren't going to let me fail. I had the challenge this busy season of finding time and getting into the gym. Both Dave and Deb promised that if I could just take 30 minutes to get into the gym, they would make it worth it. Again, true to their word! To date with On the Move Fitness, I've lost 25 pounds and although I've reached my weight goal, I'm not stopping. I ski better, run better, hike better - I am better. They changed my life, became my friends and I always know I'll get the witty push that I need to continue.

Deb Carver

I thought that this is what middle age is and I should just accept it. But then I saw the column from On the Move Fitness in the April Mountain Connection detailing one client's weight loss success. The hardest part was making the phone call.

First, I gave all my processed foods to a food pantry. I focused on eating more fresh foods and I picked up the best cook book called "15 Minute Meals" by Weight Watchers. This contains excellent recipes and all of them can be made in 15 minutes or less. By eating clean I never felt hungry, because I ate the right things, and less calories. I also threw away my creamers and got used to skim in my coffee. Keeping a food diary helped to track what I was eating.

I stopped thinking that I HAD to have a glass of wine each night and started drinking cranberry juice in my nicest wine glass with some fruit. Strange, but I didn't feel deprived. When I went out, I had one glass of wine a week and took a long time to drink it. A glass of wine is about 160 calories that can add up quick. I also found that if I didn't have a glass of something in my hand that others noticed. So I would tell the waitress that I wanted something non alcoholic but looked like a fruity drink. By doing this, I didn't need to avoid my socializing. This helped with my motivation because I didn't have to deprive myself of my fun time!

I exercised at On The Move Fitness five days a week. On three of those days, I performed 30 minutes of cardio exercise (mostly walking) and then 30 minutes of resistance training to build lean muscle. On the other two days, I did 45-60 minutes of cardio. It was never so hard that I couldn't handle it, but enough to get my heart rate up. I love to lift weights and challenge myself. I have also started to do two 15 minute walks on my work breaks and it's helped to increase my weight loss.

I keep myself motivated by seeing the changes in my body. Nothing is more motivating than seeing that I've lost 2.5 pounds in one week by just changing some easy things in my behavior. I am motivated when I can mount my horse from the ground and my balance is better. My arthritis is also much improved. I can see myself hiking the Maroon Bells by August and starting my belly dancing classes!

These are the best days of our lives; don't waste them not feeling as best you can. Making the mental commitment to yourself is the hardest thing to do; the rest is easy."

Kay Dushane

I've been working out with Dave & Deb for almost five years now. My goals focused on the strength and endurance I needed to further develop to improve my flyfishing, especially in saltwater, and to learn how to telemark ski this winter. I have never had very good upper body strength, and this was negatively impacting my experience fishing with bigger rods and for bigger fish. Dave developed exercises for me which incorporated the actual motions I perform, so that I now feel less fatigue, greater endurance, and overall improvement in my flyfishing. Additionally, I have noticed that my balance and strength have generally improved, not just in my arms, but also my legs and core stability. This has allowed me to wade rivers more safely and aggressively. My improved leg strength has allowed me to concentrate on learning tele technique instead of agonizing over any weak muscles. At 45, I feel in better shape than ever; my lower back no longer tweaks at me, and I have never hurt anything as a result of the great workouts.

What impresses me the most is that Dave customizes my workouts to enhance what my life needs, and he keeps me motivated by creatively changing exercises, intensity, and techniques. The exercises I learn from him allow me to maintain my fitness level when I travel, with as little fancy equipment is necessary. The On The Move Fitness studio offers a well equipped, convenient, and private area for my workouts, so I enjoy continuing to go there.

Marty Jackson

If you are considering taking up a fitness regime or are wishing to take your exercise program to the next level, I highly recommend On the Move Fitness. Dave and Deb Brown are certified by national organizations in personal training and wellness. They design programs for people of all ages, physical conditions, and motivation. If you are a client of On the Move Fitness, you do not persist in a static workout, but are challenged by each appointment to move forward.

I'm a lifelong runner, mountaineer and endurance sport fan. However, I'm also a trial lawyer with a very hectic, unpredictable and frustrating schedule. Two years ago, I assessed my sorry physical state. I had allowed myself to backslide over the last 10 years and was not a happy camper. I was 20 pounds overweight. I had high cholesterol. I felt lousy, was tired and could not cope well with the stress inherent in my lifestyle. When I called On the Move Fitness and spoke with Deb, her upbeat tone and willingness to help ensured that I would come by for a visit to see what they had to offer. At my first workout, I knew that Dave would make sure that I met my goals. Simply put, they will give you back a tenfold return on the efforts you are willing to make for your own self-improvement.

Since I joined On the Move Fitness, I have lost 20 pounds, my cholesterol has gone from 265 to 184 and I again feel like swinging through the rigging of a pirate ship! These are good folks. You will enjoy every minute of your association with them. And you will be physically and mentally all the better for it!

Ted E

If you have reached a point in your life where you want to improve your overall health I strongly recommend you meet with Dave and Deb Brown at On The Move Fitness in Conifer, CO. The time consumed by work and family had left little time for staying in shape, and my overall health at 41 was in a state of decline. I wanted to reverse the trend as I felt I might be headed in a direction I might never recover from.

I started working out with Dave last summer, and I am very pleased with the tangible results I have seen. Dave keeps things interesting by mixing the exercise routines, playing your brand of music, and he is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of fitness. He also takes a genuine interest in helping you achieve your goals, and enjoys seeing results.

Although the process is ongoing, I have lost weight, put on muscle, and improved my cardio to a level I have not seen since my mid twenties. When you really notice the difference is when you are performing activities you have always enjoyed, but find you can perform them with greater ease. I have found this to be true when skiing the bumps, or chasing down a lob in tennis, and it sure is gratifying. For those that are serious about trying to jump start a successful path to improve your overall health I strongly believe On The Move Fitness is a great place to start.

Bonnie Prater - Financial Advisor & Mortgage Consultant

Until I met Dave Brown and heard several presentations on how his program works and how it is customized to fit your needs and goals, I had never contemplated working out much less hiring a personal trainer. I decided to try it for a month to see. Well, I quickly found out while training with others in the room, that the training plans were unique to each individual and their goals. In addition, you are under constant supervision to ensure you are doing your workout correctly. The encouragement and praise you are given as you reach new plateaus, keeps you wanting to come back. In addition, if you train with others you get to know them and you are giving and receiving feedback which is also rewarding. With the addition of Dave's wife, Deb, it makes union between the two of them complete. Most important, we have fun!!

You will laugh, grunt, and groan together. The experience I receive with Dave and Deb is not a "Bally's" experience you do as a New Years Resolution, you look forward to your next session. Most importantly, you continue to go and not quit after a month...

Chris Woodbury

During my last annual physical my doctor and I were discussing my frustration at the upwardly creeping weight and my gradual loss of strength and endurance. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1989 it has been a big challenge to maintain my weight, flexibility and strength due to the chronic fatigue, pain and other challenges presented by this condition. She suggested that I might want to call Dave Brown at On the Move Fitness as he had discussed his familiarity with fibromyalgia in a recent visit to her office. After meeting with Dave I identified fitness goals, which for me included establishing a program that would enable me to become stronger without increased pain and overstressing my fragile immune system.

Three months later I am happy to say that none of the viruses or seasonal illnesses have affected me. In fact, I have never been able to lifts weights consistently without coming down with something before. I can feel I am stronger because I am enjoying swimming, hiking and skiing with more energy and less fatigue. I can also keep up with my athletic 18 and 20 year old kids! I have lost weight and am back into the clothes I wore before my 13 year old was born. Debbie's schedule seems to fit mine better so now I usually work out with her. I think the keys to my success are the Browns' knowledge of the variety of exercises that can be utilized to accomplish a goal if the first one or two we try cause me pain or aggravate my symptoms. My constantly changing workouts, customized to address my ever fluctuating condition, has made a huge difference. I feel my quality of life has improved and I am optimistic about my physical goals instead of feeling like control over my physical condition was slipping away.

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